Monday, July 30, 2007

No Silly Love Songs

You'd think that Christians would have had enough of silly Jesus music. I wonder if we're conditioning our kids with this tripe by introducing the silly music they send out with the VBS programs. This week our congregation is having Vacation Bible School. I was recruited to lead the music since no one else wanted to do it. I've decided that there will be no "Jesus is my boyfriend" music. I'm taking this opportunity to teach the children hymns rather than the silly, bubblegum music they send out with the program. I'll keep you posted no how it goes.


Presbytera said...

Terrific! This past year we taught the youth choir Kyrie (TLH 6). They learned to love it and the young ones thought it very wonderful that they learned some Greek to boot.

Good luck with it!

Favorite Apron said...

Good! - I didn't know you were doing that.
The contrast on the recently CPS Sunday School supplement CDs is amazing. On the one hand, there is the catechism set to beautiful simple music. On the other hand, there are annoying songs that are just a little bit off. Little ones pick up on this stuff. Erin was "listening to her church" the other night and she told me that Jesus is in all our hearts. (?)

p.s. - could you please take my last name off your sidebar link list? Thanks.

Brett Cornelius said...

Presbtera, we'll have to try that one.
Polly, I'll have to start quizzing Erin now on the catechism.
P.S. Consider your last name stricken.

Brett Cornelius said...
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Scott said...

As Barb likes to say, "Nobody TOLD our kids they weren't supposed to like the hymns" so they go ahead and like `em!

Good luck. We let VBS die

Anonymous said...

I think it is great that a minister of a congregation shows such interests in Vacation Bible School. Luther said that if Christianity is to flourish, it must teach it's children. ANd our Savior said we must have the faith of a child to enter the kingdom of heaven. It is a ministry that may be very much unnoticed or hard to track as to it's effectiveness and yet the worth may be well more than one might suspect. A young heart is not hardened. The Savior's love seems so welcomed and received. ANd GOd may well use this first seed in some lives to water for eternal rewards later. Or even to give some hearts comfort in the "right now". YOu should be commended for your sincerity and trust of GOd's love for this world, and your willingnesss to share in any and each opportunity.