Wednesday, August 15, 2007

From Apostolicity to Apostacy

Tiny Muskens, a Roman Catholic bishop in the Netherlands, is calling for his flock to start referring to God as "Allah," as a way to relieve tensions between Christians and Muslims. According to the bishop, God is above the names we give Him, so it shouldn't be a problem. Someone should point out to this priest that we do not give names to God, we receive the ones He has revealed to us. God has not revealed Himself as Allah. Of course, in order for this argument to make sense, you have to believe that God has revealed Himself, something that may not be true for this apostate bishop. Incidentally, the head of the protestant church in the Netherlands opposes such a move, but on the grounds that it "does no justice to western identity."


Anonymous said...

I just read John 14 again as it used to be one of my favorite passages. I am thinking how awful that a Christian minister (this guy from the NEtherlands) would cheat his flock out of the Truth in that passage (John 14), in fact, cutting off any lifeline to it, by his heretical advice. HIs name is Jesus, and His Father is the HOly One of Israel, and the HOly Spirit..the Paraclete..the Comforter, proceeds from them... all given in John 14. What a horrible guy this "minister" is. He subjects his subjects to John 17:9b, (Christ prayers are not for the world). And the parts in JOhn 15 where some branches are cut off. If they listen to "ministers" like this.

I am thankful that you, our minister, have us sing hymns like, "baptized into your Name most Holy, oh, Father, Son and HOly Ghost".

Anonymous said...

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