Thursday, November 16, 2006

Go Bucks, Beat Blue

The aniticipation is growing for this weeks no. 1 Ohio State, and no. 2 Wolverines contest. This game is always big no matter what, but this year we're the no 1. team and they are no. 2. Sadly, I may miss the first few minutes of the game as I have a wedding scheduled, but hopefully I'll be there by the second quarter.
I saw a couple of good commercials related to the big game. One is of these two college kids necking on a couch. The camera is, at first, zoomed in on their faces, but as it pans out you see that he is wearing a Buckeyes shirt and she is wearing a Michigan shirt. Then the caption comes across the screen, "If it wasnt for sports, this wouldn't be disgusting."
Another is of a couple on a blind date driving down the road. He is from Ohio and she is explaining that she is from Michigan. She tells him jokingly, "Go blue." At this point the man, who is the passenger, turns around and unbuckles his belt, opens the door and jumps out of the speeding vehicle. Hey, no since wasting time with someone with whom you're obviously not compatible.
My prediction for the game is Buckeyes, 42- Michigan 39.
By the way, did you know that Michigan and Ohio once fought a battle to see who would get Toledo? Ohio lost.


BLE said...

Pastor, I said exactly the same thing regarding Toledo this week to an associate from Michigan. Ohio definetely lost the war when we were forced to take Toledo!!

Go Bucks, beat that team from up North!!!

Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

I live 20 miles east of Columbus. Go Bucks!

ghp said...

And, in the interest of sanity and right-thinking, I must simply say...




Marie N. said...

We'll be having dinner infront of the TV today -- go Bucks!

Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

Ha ha ha...nice prediction!

Pastor Brett Cornelius said...

Are you implying that I edited to make myself look better? :-)